Jobs Opportunities : Recruitment of 2600 Elite Commandos - 600 for the Presidential Guard (GP) and 2,000 for the Rapid Intervention Battallon (BIR)

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RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUNREPUBLIC OF CAMEROONPaix – Travail – PatriePeace - Work - FatherlandMINISTÈRE DE LA DÉFENSEMINISTRY OF DEFENCE PRESS RELEASETHE MINISTER DELEGATE AT THE PRESIDENCY IN CHARGE OF DEFENCE HEREBY INFORMS: Young male Cameroonians are interested in building a Career with the Defence Forces that there will be a special recruitment Of 2,600 elite commandos including 600 for the Presidential Guard (GP) and 2,000 for the Rapid Intervention Battallon (BIR). The recruitment Will run from November 12 to December 18, 2018 In the headquarters of the ten administrative regions of the country. CONDITIONS TO BE FULFILLED BY CANDIDATESBe of Cameroonian nationality;Be at least 18 years Old on 1 January 2018 and 23 years old at most on 31 December 2018 (that is, must be born between 31 December 1995 for the oldest and 1 January 2000 for the youngest);Should never have been convicted; |(c) http://minajobs.netBe Single without dependent children; Be of good character;— Be physically fit to carry out the prescribed medical, intellectual and athletic tests;— Hold at least the CEP or the or equivalent certificate. However, it is highly recommended that candidates submit their highest degrees, Be at least 1.66 metres tall. II – COMPOSITION OF THE APPLICATION FILE— A handwritten application letter bearing a fiscal stamp ot 1000 CFA francs, signed the candidate and to the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence;A certifiea copy of birth certificate not more tnan monthsA certified copy of the required certificateA certificate ot presentation of the onqjnal of the certincate;— A certificate of non-convictlcn not more than three months old;. A duly filled out information form;— A certifiate Of celibacy;— Four (4) passport Size photographs (4X4) of the candidate, bearing his on the back;— An uncertified photocopy or the National Identity Card or the Receipt;— A certificate Cameroonian nationality issued by the oompctcnt services;An envelope bearing a stamp Of 500 F CFA and the address Of the candidate;— A cumculum vitae sgned by the candidate— A sum Of 5,000 CFA francs. representing the cost Of participation 'n the recruitment (to be paid during the medical aptitude examination);— A •sum of 20,000 CFA francs. being the cost Of thorough medical visits, to be paid by candidates who have passed the preseledion test Candidates are reminded Of the following:The Obligation to go for the recruitment only the headquarter of their region of ongin;— The prot1iZitlon to marry before three (03) years of actual servjce:The obligation to present only authentk certificates under penalty Of prosecution. In addition. successful candidates must present the original ot their National identity Card prior to entry to the BIR Commondo Trarning Center, training which they shall be dismissed from the recruitment. | (c)