You have responded to an advertisement or sent an unsolicited application: the company concerned invites you for a recruitment interview, the last step before the job. It is often preceded by psycho-technical or knowledge tests.

There is no standard maintenance. There are almost as many forms as there are companies. Moreover, under this term are hidden not one meeting but several.

But it's your test for employment. You must therefore prepare for it with the utmost care, by following these tips.



Dress appropriately. Wear clothing appropriate for the job you are applying for.

Show up 10 to 15 minutes before the hour.

Determine in advance how long it will take you to make the trip.


During the interview

The first impression on both sides counts a lot: a neat outfit and punctuality will put your interlocutor in a good mood;

Know how to announce yourself (first name, surname, followed by a frank handshake) when a recruiter arrives;

Wait for the recruiter to reach out to you

Wait until you are told to sit down;

The position on the chair: sit upright at the bottom of the chair; do not put your documents on the desk;

During the interview, a perfect knowledge of your curriculum vitae is necessary, it is the support of the discussion.

You will be asked questions of a professional and personal nature, in order to see the possible correspondence between you and the company's proposed position.

Try to be yourself, natural and sincere;

Pay attention to what the person you are talking to is telling you;

Avoid having him/her repeat the questions. Listen to him carefully;

You can take notes without being glued to your sheet of paper;

Use these notes for questions

Look your interlocutor in the face without staring at him/her;

When answering a question, keep your speech short and concise. Avoid negative terms expressing doubt, worry, vagueness, your problems, difficulties and worries;

Use " je " instead of " on ".

Never end an interview without defining what will happen next, i.e. who to contact, when and how.

Once the interview is over, leave promptly by greeting the interviewer politely and cheerfully.


If the company does not give you an answer within the time limit mentioned above, you can contact them again to get information and avoid harassing the recruiting services.

Don't talk about salary, hours of work and benefits until you have been offered a job.