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SNV Cameroon is looking for interested consultants to conduct the following activities before the end of 2013. If you are interested as an expert, please send your CV, and a motivation letter to highlight your competencies and experience, not later than 08 Novembre 2013 to 1. Baseline SNV is to start implementing a Cocoa-Eco project from January 2014 aiming at increase the incomes of cocoa farmers by intensifying production in a REDD+ sensitive manner. There is need to establish an ex-ante situation for the project, through a gender sensitive socio-economic analysis of target groups in the chosen sites 2. Concept notes writing The main areas for which concept proposals will need to be developed are the following: A. NTFP processing B. NTFP market intelligence C. Local fund management for clean production D. Climate smart agriculture E. Financing of agriculture and renewable energy F. Development of unsolicited concept project proposals   3. Assessment of LCB level of delivery A Consultant that will facilitate and coordinate 4. Service provision for knowledge development Production of publications, videos and/or various supports and translations 5. Studies For more information, go to the link: