You have completed your personal assessment, your CV is in order, you are now ready to look for a job. We advise you to take the following steps:


There are two types of information to look for :

Information about the job market, such as job offers and job opportunities that are advertised.


The media (written press, radio, TV and internet...) ;

Recruitment firms

Friends and acquaintances

Consular organizations and chambers of trade (chambers of commerce, chamber of agriculture, SYNDUSTRICAM, GICAM...).

Information on the "hidden" job market;

Not all companies publish their job offers and opportunities, you have to discover them yourself.

Draw up a list of companies to approach based not only on your aspirations but also on the economic situation.

Multiply your chances by selecting a large enough number of companies. Your choice should be of companies that need your skills.

Find out about the companies in question, their managers, in order to identify the existence of a job need, expressed or not, that corresponds to your profile. Searching for information allows you to also to prepare a more appropriate CV for each type of employer.

The contact

Depending on the recruitment habits of these companies, you will be able to must know that, two types of contact are possible:

Unsolicited applications;

Responses to announcements.

Unsolicited applications

It consists in contacting a company that has not made offers, to propose your services. It also consists of a CV and a cover letter.